Resolve pain, dysfunction, and promote healing
Trigger points are tight, shortened muscles. Inserting a very thin needle into the affected area releases muscle tension and normalizes function. This can help resolve pain and dysfunction, while promoting healing.

Does dry needling hurt?
Most people do not feel the needle going through the skin. When the needle gets into the trigger point, you may experience a slight cramping or aching in the area. This may be similar to the muscle fatigue you might experience after exercising. Some people do not feel anything.

Is this Acupuncture?
Dry needling is not the same as acupuncture.
Dry needling is a direct, medical technique that targets trigger points. This is only performed after a thorough evaluation of the bone, muscle and nervous systems. Dry needling is performed by a licensed physical therapist.
Acupuncture is performed by an acupuncturist who has been trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine, or the Five Element model. It includes different assessment methods and treatment goals.