What makes Bridge Physical Therapy different?
We simplify the healing process.
At Bridge Physical Therapy
We Listen

We feel that in listening we uncover the exact problem, and how to correct it. Of course there are the skills and the knowledge that we bring to the table to treat the problem, but in the simple act of listening, so much is discovered.

At Bridge Physical Therapy
We ensure success

Once we have established trust and our patients feel that they have been heard, we work together to establish a detailed care plan. This care plan must work for both the practitioner and the patient to ensure success.

We build relationships
Lasting relationships

We have created a model allowing us to spend time with our patients to address the problem and create a solution. The result is that our patients get better faster, and fewer patient visits are required. You can count on the next time your body needs a little help!

A few words from our
Happy Customers

At Bridge Physical Therapy we feel privileged to work with such an amazing group of people.  Take a look at how we are helping…

“Bridge Physical Therapy provides one-on-one sessions …”

“I love, love love my appointments with Meg and always look forward to them. For several months Meg has been treating me for arthritis, normal wear and tear and stress.

Meg has helped to relieve my physical symptoms and stress and to improve my general well-being.”


“ [Meg] has the ability to listen to my description of a muscular complaint and address a solution in overcoming the problem, or at the very least make it more tolerable.  Moreover, she provides a comprehensive explanation of my complaint that is understandable. I have a deep regard for her knowledge.”


“Meg has been seeing me for chronic neck and shoulder pain, and I have gotten tremendous relief from her treatments. She is able to read my body and know exactly what is out of balance. She encourages me to do my home program, which has made a huge difference in my success. She is insanely strong and she always makes me laugh, which is quite healing in itself.”


“Meg has been an instrumental part of my recovery from what has been the worst and most prolonged pain (cervical spine/nerve issues) I have ever experienced. Her dedication to my recovery combined with keen clinical knowledge and intuition has made her the most influential provider of the team that I pulled together to help me. With her assistance I was able to understand the structural components of nerve pain and the body’s protective response to it. Her compassion and humor were helpful aspects of her very thorough care. I recommend her most highly.”


“Meg can work wonders for chronic pain and has to be one of the best [dry needle practitioners]in the Western region (she’s really good).  But in my mind, her amazing technical abilities aren’t even her best quality, rather it’s her ability to compassionately listen to her patients and work unwaveringly with them to find a solution.  I’ve been seeing Meg off and on for 5 years for back and neck pain, and headaches, and I am always pleased with her care and the exercises she provides me so that I can work towards a healthy life without dependency on physical therapy.”


Treatment and Services

Treatment will be customized to the needs of each individual patient, and will always take into account any concerns, questions or previous experiences they may have had with a specific technique or modality. We may use soft tissue and massage techniques, joint mobilization and manipulation, trigger point dry needling or specific exercise prescription which will rarely consist of more than two exercises prescribed at a time. We may also use heat, ice, ultrasound or electrical stimulation to help with pain relief and/or swelling.